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Here, employees and the company are not just employees and employer. Here is an ideal win-win platform for employees to share. Therefore, Haidi New Materials considers talent strategy as the core of enterprise strategy, attaches great importance to the training and selection of talent, and values talent attracting, personnel training and maximum development of talent as the top priority of the enterprise strategy. The company strives to provide staff with a superior working environment and a broad personal growth space, respects for each employee's labor. We do not stick to one pattern and are willing to become a platform for every employee to achieve their own value.

Here, the company firmly believes that good people and excellent team are the guarantee of outstanding performance. The company is committed to creating "young, professional, occupational" high performance team!

Opinions on human resource: the talent selection is based only on virtue, changing the virtue into capability and changing capability into virtue

Opinions on employing: every man has its strong and weak points, so the strong points are used

Haidi New Materials encourages internal employee to recommend external person who meets the job requirements, without avoiding relatives.


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